Fields of law

Labor law

In the field of employment law, we at COXlegal advise and represent our clients both out of court and in disputes before the courts. In addition to the classic employment law cases relating to protection against dismissal, the drafting of employment and termination agreements as well as the scope and compensation of vacation entitlements and overtime compensation, issues relating to the digitalization and networking of the workplace are increasingly coming to the fore.

The change in employment relationships in connection with the term Work 4.0 requires versatile solutions for different requirements, which must take into account the interests of all parties involved, and thus always forms a cross-section with other areas of law.

COXlegal therefore not only advises clients in isolation on traditional employment law issues relating to individual and collective employment law, but always has an interdisciplinary cross-section in mind.

Typical activities in the field of labor law are

  • Preparation of warning letters
  • Drafting and review of employment, severance and termination agreements
  • Employee data protection
  • Employee invention law and copyright
  • Advice on issues relating to the protection of special groups of people (severe disability and involvement of the integration office, maternity protection, etc.)
  • Fixed-term employment law
  • Protection against dismissal and judicial enforcement
  • Social law cases in the employment relationship
  • Accompaniment of status determination procedures
  • Examination of vacation entitlements and vacation compensation
  • Remuneration disputes
  • Certificate disputes