Fields of law

IT & data protection

IT law (information technology law) is a cross-section of various areas of law. In the IT sector, COXlegal handles all issues relating to the legal handling of hardware and software as well as those relating to the Internet.

One focus of our IT law advice is in particular the drafting and negotiation of contracts. This also includes support in setting up online stores or other e-commerce platforms. COXlegal also offers support in crisis situations, i.e. in particular in the context of out-of-court and court disputes.

Typical activities in the IT sector include, for example, the creation and testing of

  • General terms and conditions and standard contracts, also for the area of e-commerce
  • Software license agreements (e.g. temporary / permanent licensing, application service providing (ASP), software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing, etc.).
  • IT project contracts
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Leasing, renting and purchasing hardware
  • Internet system contracts
  • Source code escrow agreements (software escrow)

as well as out-of-court and in-court representation in disputes, for example due to warnings in the area of file sharing, and the performance of web audits, i.e. the checking of websites for compliance with legal requirements.

Data protection

The starting point for data protection is the protection of personal data. This relates not only to the idea of misuse, but also to the overall right of every person to decide for themselves who collects, stores or processes what information about them and on what occasion. On the other hand, there are legitimate commercial interests in the use of personal data, for example in the fulfillment of contractual obligations to the customer. It is often in the interests of all parties involved to ensure that the handling of personal data complies with data protection regulations (as far as possible). In other cases, companies may have an interest in using personal data as extensively as possible. The challenge here is to provide legally compliant advice and design, for example in the context of strictly regulated commissioned data processing.

In this context, COXlegal advises, among other things, on the design of internet-based solutions that make the use of personal data indispensable. However, the consultation also covers other data protection issues.

Typical activities in the area of data protection are

  • Design of data protection declarations, especially in the online area
  • Drafting contracts with relevance to data protection law, including agreements on commissioned data processing
  • Checking websites for special data protection features (web audits)
  • Advice on employee data protection issues
  • Disputes with supervisory authorities