Fields of law

Contract design

Whether we like it or not, our lives are interwoven with contracts. Verbally, in writing, electronically, notarized. They are related to the individual case, to a bulk transaction or something in between. Contracts do not guarantee that the contracting parties will get along. However, a good contract serves as a guideline for the (contractual) relationship between the contracting parties.

We draft, revise and negotiate contracts with the aim of safeguarding our client’s interests. Translating these interests into legal language is just as much our task as examining and presenting alternative proposals if the interests of our client and those of the contractual partner do not appear to be compatible.

We try to avoid the creation of adhesion contracts. We like to loosen foreign gags.

We draft contracts, particularly in our main areas of expertise, but also beyond these in the form of e.g. contracts for work, purchase and service contracts as well as “free-style” contracts, which cannot be assigned to a usual area of law or a usual type of contract, but which are useful or necessary to pursue the client’s interests.

Typical contracts in the area of IT and data protection law include:

  • Software development contracts (individual software, standard software)
  • Software license agreements (ASP, SaaS)
  • IT project contracts
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Leasing, renting and purchasing hardware
  • Internet system contracts
  • Source code escrow agreements (software escrow)
  • other general terms and conditions, e.g. in the area of e-commerce
  • Joint control agreements
  • Order processing contracts

Typical contracts in the area of grant law are, for example:

  • Contracts for the granting of benefits
  • Contracts for the “onward transfer” of grants by grant recipients
  • Consortium agreements, i.e. agreements between grant recipients who have jointly applied for a grant

Typical contracts in the area of non-profit law are, for example:

  • Articles of association and association statutes
  • Sponsoring and donation agreements
  • Cooperation agreements between non-profit organizations

Typical contracts in the area of employment law are, for example:

  • General employment contracts (fixed-term, open-ended)
  • Managing director employment contracts
  • Employment contracts in connection with grant projects
  • Contracts for freelancers (fee-based contracts)